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10/07/2019 Since we had a little trip to Bali we just had to take some photo's in the beautiful garden of the villa we were staying in. In the pictures you can see me in a super tight red jumper as seen in the preview picture, and of course red bra and short skirt. Its a fab set that you can see in "SPECIAL SERIES 058" and I do hope you enjoy it. Back in September with another brand new set just for you. xxxx

11/05/2019 Got a nice little update for you this month. See me in a tight purple jumper with some black jeans. Pay attention to the amazing looking ass shot in this series! See them in "SPECIAL SERIES 057" and we will be back with another set in middle of July. XXXX

15/03/2019 As promised you can see a new set of pictures that feature a sexy black bra with red strappy top, short skirt and stockings. See them in "SPECIAL SERIES 056" and see you back here in May for another new series. XXX

12/01/2019 I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and New Year! In this new series you can see me wearing a purple strappy top with sexy bright red bra underneath along with short tight flowered skirt. See them in "SPECIAL SERIES 055" and come back for another update in the middle of March. Yes, we are moving to two months between updates :) XXXX

07/10/2018 Here is the October set as promised. In this series you can see me posing in th sunshine wearing a yellow strappy top and a stunning blue Rigby & Peller bra. I think you are going to love it!! Go see the pictures in "SPECIAL SERIES 054" and don't forget to check back in January for another brand new set. XXX

11/07/2018 In this update, and just for one of my very special long term members, we can see the sexy silky smooth teeshirt bra. Check out the pictures in "SPECIAL SERIES 053".
I will post another series for you in October (unless I can get some serious popular demands for more to be posted sooner!!) See you soon XXXX

16/04/2018 This time you can see me posing in a very tight green jumper and short skirt with stockings. See me busting out of my pretty floral white / pink bra. You can see the pictures in "SPECIAL SERIES 052".
If you like the pictures and would like to see a new set in July then please let me know. bye for now xxxx

21/01/2018 Here is another photo update as promised. This time a very tight orange jumper is featured along with some silky stockings. Sorry that I could not cover all the requests, but I am sure some of you will see something you have asked for. I do hope you enjoy the pictures in "SPECIAL SERIES 051". I hopefully will post another set around end of April. XXXX

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